5 Tips to Prep Your Garden for Winter


With winter around the corner, fall may not seem like the most ideal time for planting. However, planting in the fall can be beneficial for your landscape and the environment.
1. Plant before it’s too late: Shorter days and cooler temperatures allow roots to become established before the ground freezes. Adding fall blooming perennials extends the season of available sources of nectar for increasingly declining bee populations.
2. Don’t bag leaves: Leaving leaves on your lawn suppresses weeds from growing and fertilizes the soil. Use a mulching blade on your mower to finely shred the leaves into mulch.
3. Use less water: Plants don’t require much water with cool temperatures. Reducing water use also helps communities in Rochester recover from the summer drought conditions.
4. Don’t cut perennials: Don’t cut back this year’s growth in your garden. It will provide depth and interest for any winter garden. Standing perennial seed heads and berries also feed migrating and local birds.
5. Plant bulbs and berries: It’s time to plant spring bulbs to add beauty to your garden next spring. Planting berries now, such as beautyberry, winterberry, coralberry and viburnums, will brighten your winter views!
Source: http://www.waynepost.com/news/20161206/5-tips-to-prep-your-garden-for-winter
Source image:http://gardenprocenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/winter-garden.jpg

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