Caring for New Sod

Didn’t get around to replacing that ugly dead grass last fall?
Don’t worry, spring is another great time to lay down new sod. It can be even more beneficial when paired with an aeration and overseeding. The cool temperatures in the spring along with the occasional rainfall help sod quickly take root.
Caring for new sod is tricky because you don’t want to over water or under water the sod.
It is also okay to apply fertilizer to the newly installed sod, just make sure it’s a starter fertilizer. The starter fertilizer will help the new sod take root faster, helping the already stressed grass to become less stressed.
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How much water?

You should begin watering the new sod within the first 30 minutes after it has been laid. This initial soaking is vital for your new sod.
Freshly laid sod should be soaked thoroughly, the soil underneath should be moist at least up 4 inches. Keep a sharp eye on the edges, as well as the corners and areas near buildings. These areas tend to dry out sooner than others. Check your new sod twice a day for the first two weeks.
When watering the new sod, keep it moist but not wet or mucky. If the sod is water-logged it will stunt the growth of the new grass.
After the new sod, has taken root, keep the sod watered enough to promote a healthy growth. If kept healthy, the new sod should grow about 1 inch per week.
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Pay attention to weather and grass color.

Caring for New Sod
This may seem common sense, but when it is hot, dry or windy you will have to water more frequently.

In the spring and fall you may only have to water every other day compared to 2 or maybe even 3 times a day in hot, dry summer conditions.
If you see the new turf looking dry or brown, don’t panic, it has most likely just gone dormant. Soak it down with water and continue to keep it a moist, and in a couple of weeks, it should green right back up again.
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Best Time to Water.

Early morning is the best time for watering your newly planted sod.
Temperatures are cool and the winds are generally calmer, which is key to eliminate evaporation of the water. Watering in the evening creates a wet environment that favors lawn diseases.
These tips for caring for you new sod also applies to your regular lawn, not just your freshly installed sod.

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