Is that Crabgrass, Fescue or Quackgrass?

In this post, we discuss the difference between Crab grass, Fescue, and Quack grass, and ways to control them. These weed grasses are often misidentified and if you want to perform the right kind of weed control, it helps to know what you're trying to remove. Crab Grass Aliases: crowfoot grass, finger grass, pigeon grass, [...]

Poison Ivy Identification and Removal

In this post, you will learn how to identify poison ivy in your yard, what happens when you're exposed, how to treat exposure and how to remove poison ivy from your yard. Poison ivy grows in most regions of the United States except the Southwest, Hawaii, and Alaska. It grows in woods, fields, along roadsides [...]

Best Grass For Shade in Illinois

Best Types of Shade Grass for Northern Illinois In this post, we discuss the best types of grass varieties to plant in shady areas in the Chicago and northern Illinois area. Getting your grass to grow in the shade can be of the biggest challenges for homeowners who want a perfect, uniformly green and healthy [...]

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Ascochyta Leaf Blight

Lawn Disease Alert: Ascochyta Leaf Blight In this post, we will discuss Ascochyta Leaf Blight, how to identify it, the conditions which it appears in, and how to treat and control Ascochyta Leaf Blight. What is Ascochyta Leaf Blight Ascochyta Leaf Blight is a fungal lawn disease which can cause brown patches of grass to appear very quickly [...]

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Green T Fungus Alert: Powdery Mildew!

The term "powdery mildew" actually refers to an entire group of fungi, each one attacking different types of plants. It usually starts with a few round white or grayish spots that you can rub off with your finger. They spread and join until the entire top leaf surface is covered, then it moves on o [...]

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How too Much Rain Affects your Lawn

In this post, we'll review the most common lawn issues that are caused by too much rain. We've had a very rainy spring so far. This past April has been the second wettest April on record, with 7.01 inches. The last time we got this much was rain was in 2011. Last year at this [...]

Five Common Lawn Care Myths You Might Believe

In this post, we'll address the most common lawn care myths that are often repeated but not actually true. It's common for us to encounter people who have heard bad advice about lawn care. Sometimes they have often repeated myths and other times people just make assumptions that aren't actually true. We love healthy lawns [...]

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