Is that Crabgrass, Fescue or Quackgrass?

In this post, we discuss the difference between Crab grass, Fescue, and Quack grass, and ways to control them. These weed grasses are often misidentified and if you want to perform the right kind of weed control, it helps to know what you're trying to remove. Crab Grass Aliases: crowfoot grass, finger grass, pigeon grass, [...]

When to Apply Crabgrass Preventer in Illinois

In this post, we'll discuss crabgrass, when it emerges, and when to apply pre-emergent crabgrass killer in Illinois so you can keep it at bay. One of the biggest enemies of a healthy lawn is crabgrass. Besides maybe dandelions, there is no more pervasive weed that invades homeowner's lawns. About Crabgrass Crabgrass gets its name from [...]

Caring for your new grass seed

All seeds require moisture and a certain temperature range before they begin to germinate. Once the germination process has begun, if conditions change, the seed or new sprout is vulnerable and can die. If the seed or sprout dries out --- it dies out. The germination time for grass seed ranges from 5 to 30 [...]

How to avoid the most common lawn care mistakes

We often want to do everything ourselves to save money, but sometimes it hurts in the long run if we're overlooking the small mistakes. Lawn care isn't easy; its a lot of work getting your yard to look its best. Here are a few of the simple mistakes that you might be making that will [...]

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in Your Lawn

Crabgrass! The nemesis of homeowners across Illinois and the midwest. People who work hard at their lawns have a common enemy: crabgrass. Besides dandelions, it's probably the most common weed in midwestern lawns. You may fight it all summer long and then next year rolls around and it's the same thing all over again. So [...]

Lawn Care Schedule For Northern Illinois

Use our lawn care schedule to help take care of your lawn and get a beautiful lawn. At Green T Lawn Care, we love green grass and beautiful lawns as much as you do. Nothing makes us happier than a perfect lawn. We want you to have the perfect lawn that all your neighbors wish [...]

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Summer

Creating a strong root system and minimizing stress is key for your lawn in the spring so that you can head into summer prepared to face the heat and sun. 1. Aerate – Lawn aeration helps decrease the build up of thatch in your lawn, which can prevent roots from properly affixing into soil as [...]