Poison Ivy Identification and Removal

In this post, you will learn how to identify poison ivy in your yard, what happens when you're exposed, how to treat exposure and how to remove poison ivy from your yard. Poison ivy grows in most regions of the United States except the Southwest, Hawaii, and Alaska. It grows in woods, fields, along roadsides [...]

4 Most Common Hydrangeas & How To Prune Them Like A Pro

Technically, Hydrangeas do not have to be pruned. They only need to be pruned if they have grown too large for their space and are becoming an eyesore. If your hydrangea is in fine shape, it may just need a little tune up by deadheading spent blooms and dead branches. When’s the right time to prune? [...]

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Iron Injections Green T Tree & Shrub

Iron is one of the nutrients that is frequently missing from soil in an adequate amount for trees to thrive and survive. In soils that are alkaline, iron becomes insoluble and is unavailable to the tree. If you believe your tree may be or could be suffering from iron deficiency, Green T Tree & Shrub [...]

Micronutrient Injections Green T Tree and Shrub

It may seem obvious, but trees require nutrients in order to survive and thrive. When trees are well-fertilized with nutrients, they are less susceptible to insects, disease, and tend to live longer. Micronutrient injections are able to help trees live up to their best potential and Green T Tree & Shrub professionals can assist you [...]