How too Much Rain Affects your Lawn

In this post, we'll review the most common lawn issues that are caused by too much rain. We've had a very rainy spring so far. This past April has been the second wettest April on record, with 7.01 inches. The last time we got this much was rain was in 2011. Last year at this [...]

Caring for your new grass seed

All seeds require moisture and a certain temperature range before they begin to germinate. Once the germination process has begun, if conditions change, the seed or new sprout is vulnerable and can die. If the seed or sprout dries out --- it dies out. The germination time for grass seed ranges from 5 to 30 [...]

Lake County Home and Garden Show Grayslake April 29 & 30

The Lake County Home and Garden Show in Grayslake, Illinois is April 29th and 30th and Green T will be there! There will be free admission and free parking available for all visitors to the show which will take place at the Lake County Fairgrounds. This huge event is the largest home improvement show in Lake County [...]

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What you're getting from your Round 2 Application!

As spring continues to gives us some awesome weather, your lawn is beginning to recover from the winter. Your lawn care is shifting to weed and crabgrass prevention. March to April is the best time to begin getting serious with your weed and crabgrass control before they can develop and fully mature this is key! [...]

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Lawn Repair: Fixing the Five Most Common Problems!

We all enjoy a lush, green yard, and we all run into trouble sometimes, even the experts. Lawn repair is easy to do; you just need to know the best way to get it back into shape. And as your local lawn care experts, we know just the way to do that. Here are the [...]

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Fox Valley Home and Garden Show Naperville April 1 & 2

The popular Fox Valley Home and Garden Show in Naperville, Illinois is April 1st and 2nd and Green T will be there! Free admission and parking are available to all visitors to the show which will take place at the Players Sports & Event Center at 1740 Quincy Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540. This huge 40,000 sq. ft. event is the [...]

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How to avoid the most common lawn care mistakes

We often want to do everything ourselves to save money, but sometimes it hurts in the long run if we're overlooking the small mistakes. Lawn care isn't easy; its a lot of work getting your yard to look its best. Here are a few of the simple mistakes that you might be making that will [...]

Dealing with Thatch in Your Lawn

Spring is right around the corner, and we're all ready for it to arrive with its warm weather and sunny days. But is your lawn ready? After the long cold winter months, your lawn builds a layer of dead grass and debris referred to as thatch. Dealing thatch is your first step this spring to [...]

Types of Lawn Grass in Northern Illinois

With dozens of varieties of grass available for your lawn, what is the best type of grass for planting in your yard in Northern Illinois? Your choice of grass type is dependent not just on the climate you live in but also the particular conditions of the area you plan on planting it. Soil type [...]