Lawn Care Schedule For Northern Illinois

Use our lawn care schedule to help take care of your lawn and get a beautiful lawn. At Green T Lawn Care, we love green grass and beautiful lawns as much as you do. Nothing makes us happier than a perfect lawn. We want you to have the perfect lawn that all your neighbors wish [...]

5 Tips to Prep Your Garden for Winter

With winter around the corner, fall may not seem like the most ideal time for planting. However, planting in the fall can be beneficial for your landscape and the environment. 1. Plant before it's too late: Shorter days and cooler temperatures allow roots to become established before the ground freezes. Adding fall blooming perennials extends [...]

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Learn how to save your lawn from winter this season

Snow Plow Damage Install brightly-colored boundary markers along the edges of paved areas to help protect lawn and shrubs from snow plow and snow thrower blades. Lightweight wooden stakes, at least four feet tall with bright reflective tape and brightly covered fiberglass rods, serve as good markers. Avoid heavy metal, fence posts and other large [...]

Green T The Importance Of Round 7 Application

Fall is finally here. Halloween decorations are up, football is in full swing, and the air has a chill to it. As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, it is time to get our lawns prepared for the long winter ahead. At this point, most grub and weed control applications have ceased [...]

Installing a Fire Pit in the Backyard

The Chicago area has already been hit with sub-zero temperatures as well as several snow falls which has many homeowners staying inside until the spring season.  However, Chicago area residents can still enjoy their yards during the winter with a backyard fire pit.  Fire pits are a great feature to have in your lawn and [...]

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Winterizing Lawns in Chicago

The winter season is drawing closer and as the temperature starts to drop, homeowners will spend less time caring for their lawns.  However, before the winter season arrives it is important to prepare the lawn for the stresses caused by cold winds, frost, and snow.  Effectively winterizing your lawn will help it better handle these [...]

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