The weather in northern Illinois has finally warmed up and while that means flowers are blooming, it also means dealing with pesky nuisances like crabgrass. Crabgrass is an annual creeping grass originating in Europe that if not taken care of, can become a serious weed. In just one season it can drastically diminish the quality of your lawn. So it’s critical to be able to identify and prevent it.

When Does Crabgrass Show Up In The Chicagoland Area?

Crabgrass usually shows up or germinates in northern Illinois from late April to early May. However, this can vary based on weather conditions such as a long winter, drought, extreme rainfall, etc. It is a general rule of thumb to try to apply pre-emergent by about the third week of April in the Chicago area.
What Other Unwanted Grasses Are Commonly Mistaken For Crabgrass?
There are a few grasses that are often mistaken for crabgrass.

    • K31 Fescue

This is a tough, low-cost grass that is drought tolerant. Its easy availability often entices homeowners to overseed it, but it is nearly impossible to get rid of. It looks similar to crabgrass in that it is tall, coarse, and fast growing. Crabgrass is actually much softer.

    • Quack Grass

This is an aggressive perennial weed. It actually has a deeper system than crabgrass. Quack grass also grows more upright than crabgrass. If you are having trouble telling the two apart, quack grass will be more difficult to pull due to the deep root system.

How To Prevent Crabgrass?

The most successful method of preventing crabgrass is to apply pre-emergent before the crabgrass germinates. It becomes much more difficult to control and treat once crabgrass germinates because the weather quickly turns hot and dry (in July) which crabgrass thrives on. There are post-emergent products to treat crabgrass, but preventing it in the first place with an application of pre-emergent is best.

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