Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping

You may hear the words lawn care and landscaping used interchangeably. You may even think they mean the same thing, but they are actually two distinct areas in the industry.

Read on to learn more about the differences in lawn care and landscaping and how the trained professionals at Green T not only know and understand the variances but can help you with any needs in both areas!

Lawn Care:

Green T Lawn Care, Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control, Grub and Insect Control, Aeration and Overseeding,Most experts agree that lawn care refers to the improvement, care, and maintenance of turf.

For example, Green T offers a competitive lawn fertilization program that includes weed control and free service calls between applications if you find any appearance of weeds between our standard visits. This would fall under “lawn care.”

Another example of lawn care would be aeration, weed control, pest control, and overseeding (services also provided by Green T).


Green T Landscaping, Difference between lawn care and landscapingLandscaping can actually sound a bit misleading and some people may think it only refers to planting.

Landscaping can include everything from planting to design, to hardscape and softscape, and even the installation of outdoor features like pavers, patios, walkways, and decks.

Landscaping is going above and beyond simply caring for and maintaining your lawn. A great analogy is lawn care is the same as furnishing your home. You need a couch in your living room and a bed in your bedroom.

Landscaping is the decorating. It is akin to putting up matching curtains, or lamps, or artwork. Your landscape is your display.

Green T Lawn Care & Landscaping

Green T Lawn CareAs a full-service provider, Green T Service experts are here to help you make your lawn and yard the best it can be and offer both lawn care and landscaping services.

We are experts with more than 22,000 satisfied customers all over Illinois!

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