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Lawn Care Elgin, IL

Green T provides full-service lawn care services to Elgin, Illinois, the Fox Valley area and Chicagoland. View service area
Elgin IL lawn care logoIf you are a homeowner in the City of Elgin, Illinois, you can finally get the lush green lawn you desire while saving yourself countless hours of labor throughout the year by contacting locally based Green T Services.
We offer you a full range of professional lawn care services from aeration to overseeding, lawn fertilization, weed control and more.
Green T is here to help your lawn get the care and nutrients it needs to thrive.

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As an independent family owned business in the Fox Valley, Green T believes in doing whatever it takes to keep your lawn and city looking great.
We are proud to be a family-owned business serving communities across the Chicagoland area. We have Green T employees who grew up in the Elgin and the surrounding area and still consider it their home.
Other Elgin area cities we serve include Bartlet, Campton Hills, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, Huntley, South Elgin, St Charles, Streamwood, Schaumburg and more.

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Elgin watch company logoElgin is “The City in the Suburbs” and well known for it’s Fox River location, historic homes and building and growing population.

Located just 35 miles west of Chicago, the city is the home of a revived downtown, three colleges, the Grand Victoria Casino, and is the number one city in Chicagoland for new housing starts. It’s rooted in history with a strong future ahead of it.
Elgin was founded in 1835 by new settlers after the end of the Blackhawk Indian War pushed native tribes out of this part of northern Illinois. It began as a more farming based community but with it’s prime river location and proximity to railroad lines and the city of Chicago, it expanded into a very diverse city.
It was once famous as the home of Elgin Watch Company and the largest watchmaking factory in the world at the time. You can still see it’s large scale clocks in use at Chicago’s historic Union Station almost a hundred years later.
The town is also well known for its historic downtown, which includes the Elgin Tower Building, originally the Home Banks Building, completed in 1929. It also has many restored historic Victorian homes, including several Queen Anne Style gems and the largest number of cobblestone homes anywhere in Illinois.
Downtown Elgin architectureElgin is a city rooted in its history and continues to grow into a diverse and healthy city with a bright future. Well maintained homes and lawns beautify both the historic neighborhoods and newer subdivisions.
Keeping those historic homes and new subdivision homes lawns looking beautiful is not an easy job. A great lawn will make your house look even better and is sure to add value to your property. Hiring a professional can save you hours and give you more time to enjoy yourself this summer.
Proud homeowners in Elgin keep their lawns and community looking beautiful and Green T is proud to be able to help!


CALL (630) 231-0007

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Watch this video featuring new and historic Elgin sights

“Remembering Elgin”


View this award-winning restored Queen Anne Victorian home in Elgin, IL

Things to do in Elgin

Visit local artists and view the galleries at Elgin Artspace Lofts.
View art and attend cultural events at Elgin Community College Art Center.
If you’re feeling lucky visit the Grand Victoria Casino.
Learn more about Elgin’s history at the Elgin History Museum.
People of all ages enjoy visiting the Elgin Fire Barn No. 5 Museum.
Spend a day enjoying nature, wetlands, wildflowers and savannahs at the 160 acre Bluff Spring Fen.

Elgin Information and Resources

Community information, city services and business development info at the Official City of Elgin Website.
Subscribe to local newspaper Elgin Courier News
Read local news online at Elgin Patch
Elgin Police Department
Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin
Elgin Illinois on Wikipedia
Follow the City of Elgin on Twitter

Fun Elgin Fact

Comedian, actor, author, and notable Hot Pocket fan Jim Gaffigan is from Elgin, IL

More about Green T Services Lawn Care in Elgin, IL

Lawn Fertilization

A central part of any good lawn care program is regular fertilization. Fertilizer applications feed lawns with the proper nutrients to promote the health and development of the root system which is the lawn’s best natural defense against weeds and other pests.Green T provides regular fertilization applications as part of their lawn care program to Elgin, IL using
Green T provides regular fertilization applications as part of their lawn care program to Elgin, IL using high-quality fertilizers. We use slow release fertilizers that contain natural ingredients and animal sources that include compost, bone meal, blood meal, amino acids, and seaweed extracts. Organic fertilizers are beneficial because they retain moisture and activate natural nutrients already in the soil and their slow releasing nature prevents lawns from getting overfed.

Weed & Grub Control

In addition to regular fertilizer applications, weed and grub control are also important for maintaining a healthy lawn. Green T applies
Green T applies weed control with each fertilizer application that consists of selective herbicides that specifically target weeds without harming the surrounding grass and roots. Grubs are as much of a threat to lawns in the Windmill City as weeds and they are capable of causing significant, irreversible damage. Grubs are beetle larvae that hatch underground in midsummer and feed on the root system of a lawn. Because the damage they cause may not show on the surface for several weeks, prevention is the best way to control grubs. Green T offers
Green T offers grub control applications in the late spring and early summer to prevent grubs from developing in the soil.

Aeration & Overseeding

While fertilizer and weed control applications are important for keeping lawns green and healthy throughout the season, fall aerations and over seeding can prepare lawns for the winter and ensure a faster spring recovery.
Green T performs core aerations with a machine that removes 3 to 4 inch plugs of grass in a pattern over the entire lawn to open up the soil and allow water, nutrients, and oxygen to absorb closer to the roots while removing dead grass and thatch. We also perform over seeding along with our aeration service because the holes from the aerations allow the seeds to settle closer to the root system. While in the ground, the seeds absorb nutrients and moisture during the winter and are ready to germinate by the spring.
Fall aeration and over seeding services can help prepare your Elgin lawn for a harsh winter followed by a quick and stronger spring recovery.

Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program is designed to keep your lawn fed throughout the growing season with the proper balance of nutrients depending on the application. We use only the highest quality products, including Lesko fertilizers (a John Deere Company), to deliver only the highest quality results. Our comprehensive lawn care program includes:

  • State licensed technicians
  • An expertly balanced 7 round Lawn fertilization program
  • Weed control in every application
  • Free crabgrass control application
  • Disease diagnostics and prevention
  • Free service calls between applications (to re-spray weeds, diagnose lawn problems, etc)

We also offer additional lawn care services depending on your specific lawn care need. These services are highly recommended, but optional:

  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Grub and insect control

Elgin is one of our major service areas so we are fully aware of the common lawn diseases and weeds prone to the area. Let our professional lawn care services make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

See how affordable Elgin, IL lawn care can be