Fall Aeration and Overseeding

Fall aeration and overseeding is recommended especially after a harsh winter to help strengthen and rejuvenate the lawn.


  • Decomposes the thatch layer and reduces soil compaction.
  • Allows moisture and nutrients to reach the grass roots.
  • Creates holes in the lawn for grass and seed to germinate.

It is beneficial to perform core aerations in the fall because it allows the soil to receive the nutrients that will help it survive the winter.
Aeration and Overseed Diagram
This results in:

  • Deeper Roots
  • A Healthier, Thicker Lawn
  • Greater Resistance to Disease and Winter Damage
  • Reduced Thatch Buildup


 The process of overseeding involves applying seed over existing grasses to thicken the lawn and produce younger grasses that are more durable and resistant to disease.  It is beneficial to overseed in the fall because the moisture in the soil during the winter contributes to quick germination in the spring and over seeding after aeration allows the seeds to settle deeper in the soil.  The seeds should be applied while the soil is still warm and be kept moist for at least two weeks.
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