Fall Lawn Care Tips for the Chicago Suburbs

The autumn season is now upon the Chicago area and as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, it is time to shift into fall lawn care mode.  The fall is an important time for the lawn and switching to proper lawn care practices at the end of the season contributes to a healthier lawn all year long.  This is also an ideal time to revitalize your lawn and prepare it for the long, cold winter.  Performing the following actions in the fall is beneficial for the lawn’s current health and ensuring that it survives the winter and recovers in the spring.


One of the most important aspects of fall lawn care is core aerations. Core aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil over the entire lawn to open up the soil that has been packed down all summer.  This helps air, water, and other nutrients move better within the soil and it reduces soil compaction to allow the root system to establish itself deeper and grow stronger.  Aerations also reduce thatch buildup which can absorb moisture and nutrients before they reach the soil and disrupt the growth of the roots.  It is beneficial to perform core aerations in the fall because it allows the soil to receive the nutrients that will help it survive the winter.

Over Seeding

Over seeding is often performed along with aerations especially in lawns with areas of thinning grass and bare patches.  The process of over seeding involves applying seed over existing grasses to thicken the lawn and produce younger grasses that are more durable and resistant to disease.  It is beneficial to over seed in the fall because the moisture in the soil during the winter contributes to quick germination in the spring and over seeding after aeration allows the seeds to settle deeper in the soil.  The seeds should be applied while the soil is still warm and be kept moist for at least two weeks.


The fall season is the last chance to apply fertilizer to your lawn before the winter and the last fertilizer application of the season generally has the most impact on the lawn.  Fertilizing the lawn with a high potassium blend has several benefits including preventing grass blades from drying out and cracking in cold weather, providing the soil with essential nutrients for the winter, and promoting a healthy root system.  Fall fertilization is the most effective if applied late in the season right before the grass stops growing.  Applying high potassium fertilizer too early in the fall could cause lawn diseases and damage to the blades in the winter.
Green T Lawn Care provides fall lawn care services such as aerations, over seeding, and fertilization to their Chicago area customers.  Contact Green T Lawn Care to learn more about our fall services as you prepare your lawn for the winter.

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