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Fall Lawn Care – Round 6

Early Fall Lawn Application


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As the summer fades into fall, the air becomes colder and drier which means that lawn care practices have to be adjusted to accommodate for the changing weather and to start preparing your lawn for the winter.

Granular fertilizers should be used once again in the fall to provide a steady food source and weed control applications can also be continued until later in the season.

Aeration and overseeding is a major part of fall lawn care that helps give you a healthier lawn in spring and summer, and many benefits that help prepare your lawn for the winter.

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Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of removing small plugs of grass and soil in a pattern over the entire lawn to create space for nutrients and water to absorb close to the root.

Nutrients such as oxygen and fertilizers can penetrate below the surface and into the root system in these created spaces to help strengthen it and boost its resistance to the harsh Chicago winters.

Overseeding services are typically performed along with lawn aeration because the seeds can also easily penetrate the surface through the holes created by aeration. The moisture in the ground over the winter will help the seeds germinate faster the following spring.

Lawn Aeration

Another benefit from fall lawn aeration is that it will remove the buildup of thatch from the lawn’s surface. Thatch consists of dead roots, rhizomes, and lawn clippings that build between the grass and soil and it absorbs moisture and nutrients before they can reach the root system. Having aeration performed on your lawn will remove this layer of thatch as it opens up the soil to receive more nutrients and seeds.

Green T offers fall aeration and overseeding services which includes starter fertilization application as well at no extra charge. Starter fertilizer is condensed fertilizer that is applied close to the root system in the soil. The condensed nutrients are easier for plants to absorb in the cold, wet soil conditions of the fall.

By switching to more weather appropriate fertilizers and having aeration and seeding services performed on your lawn, you can help your lawn stay healthy through the fall and prepare for the upcoming winter.

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