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There are many diseases caused by fungi that are seriously dangerous to your trees. Being proactive and treating your trees before they succumb to disease is the best way to keep them healthy and strong. Green T Tree & Shrub professionals are here to assist you with all of your fungicide injection needs.

Why Are Fungicide Injections Important?

Fungicide injections are an important tool for tree growth and survival. Without fungicide injections, your trees are susceptible to fungal diseases like Sudden Oak death and Apple Scab.

When Do You Need A Fungicide Injection?

Fungicide injections, Green T Lawn Care, Green T Tree and Shrub, laetiporus sulphureusIf you suspect your trees could or may be suffering from fungal disease, it is crucial to apply fungicide injections. Some of these diseases include Sudden Oak death and Apple Scab.
Sudden Oak death is a fatal disease caused by a species of oomycetes that are similar to fungi. Leaves turn dull shades of green, yellow, purple or red and the bark usually appears discolored and wet. Many times this disease is accompanied by a foul odor. This disease can (and will without treatment) cause death in trees.
Apple Scab is a fungal disease that is known for outbreaks occurring during a particularly wet and cold spring. Brownish-green spots on leaves are an obvious indicator of this fungal disease, as well as yellow leaves that eventually fall off.
The best time to apply fungicide injections is most often spring or fall. Soil needs to be moist and must be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for trunk injections in addition to higher humidity. Similar to other fertilizers, this method can be applied at any time, including summer, as long as care is taken to be sure the soil is watered (soil cannot be too dry for the application process to properly take).

Why Do You Need Fungicide Injections?

Fungicide injections are important to prevent severe diseases that can kill trees. Green T Tree & Shrub experts can help evaluate your need for fungicide injections and work with you to keep your trees healthy. While applying fungicide injections may cure, or slow down the progression of a fungal disease, it is best to apply before a tree becomes diseased. Prevention is crucial.

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