Green T Preparing Lawn For Winter

Fall, lawn, winter, leavesPreparing your lawn for winter is a crucial part of lawn care and simply maintaining your yard in general. After the hot, dry months of summer, early fall is the best time to aerate, seed, and fertilize. These steps will help to reinvigorate your lawn, prepare it for the harsh winter ahead, and allow it to retain important nutrients and water for a quick recovery in the spring.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is an important part of winter lawn preparation. Small plugs of soil are removed in a crisscross pattern eliminating thatch and soil compaction. This also helps roots to grow deeper and make fertilizer more effective. Roots then have more space to absorb water and nutrients, keeping your lawn strong during winter.

Over Seeding

When performing lawn aeration, over seeding should be done as well.  Seeds can then penetrate the surface of the lawn much more easily through the holes created by the aerations. Also, thanks to the holes, moisture and water can seep through during the winter, allowing seeds to germinate more quickly in spring.
There are some other easy steps you can take to prepare your lawn for winter:

  1. Rake all of your leaves.
  2. Cut your lawn short.
  3. Fertilize your lawn.
  4. Turn off your sprinklers.
  5. Drain your sprinkler lines.

The outstanding late-fall lawn program that Green T offers is just the answer to keep your lawn in top condition as we transition to and prepare for winter. Taking these steps ensures your lawn will have the strength to make it through the winter and make a full recovery in the spring.
Green T Lawn Care experts are here to help you make your lawn and yard the best it can be. We’re experts with more than 22,000 satisfied customers all over Illinois! Contact us today at (630) 231-0007  for a free estimate so we can schedule an appointment for your Round 7 lawn application.

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