Green T: The Importance of Round 4 Application

Lawn Care, Fertilizer, Green T Round 4 ApplicationWe’re finally well into summer in the Chicagoland area. The sun is shining (well, some of the time; we have had our share of rain!) and it is finally hot out. Although we have had a bit of a rainy start to the season, summer is still our dry time and that can affect our lawns. If you’ve been practicing good lawn habits throughout the year, you should have a thick, dark green, healthy lawn. But just because you have that nice lawn doesn’t mean you can slack off in the summer!

Time To Change It Up

Due to the heat and dryness of summer, it is important to not only keep up with your lawn care routine, but you also need to change it up a bit. If you have maintained good lawn care practices throughout the spring, your lawn should be dark green and healthy by the time summer hits. It is crucial to retain moisture in your lawn for optimal nutrients, and you should continue with your grub and weed control. Even if you do not see any sign of grubs, keep in mind they do not start hatching until July, so this is an excellent preventative action. However, summer does require a change in your fertilizer. A fertilizer that addresses the all the issues summer weather brings is best.

Round 4 Application

Summer fertilizers are different from others because of a specific blend used with different nutrient concentrations. These fertilizers work to prevent brown spots on your lawn from the stress of heat and sun and also protect your lawn from various diseases. These organic summer blend fertilizers activate the nutrients that already exist in your soil and work to maintain the moisture needed to prevent those unsightly brown spots and topsoil erosion. Green T’s competitive summer lawn fertilization program is exactly what you need to keep your lawn looking beautiful, green, and healthy during the hottest months of the year.

Green T Lawn Care

Green T Lawn Care experts are here to help you make your lawn and yard the best it can be. We’re experts with more than 22,000 satisfied customers all over Illinois! Contact us today at 630-231-0007 for a free estimate so we can schedule an appointment for your Round 4 lawn application.

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