Green T: The Importance Of Round 5 Application

Summer is finally in full swing in the Chicagoland area and fall will be here before we know it. During this time of the year, it is very important to continue to take care of our lawns since it is often the hottest and driest months. If you’ve been keeping up with your regular lawn care maintenance routine, you likely have a lush, healthy, green lawn. In order to keep it that way and go into the fall on a high note, there are just a few things you need to do.

Continue With Weed and Insect Control

You’ve likely been keeping up with weed control applications, but don’t think you can stop now. Weeds can potentially grow during any season, so continuing a good weed control program through the end of summer can prevent any unwanted (and unsightly) weed growth. During this time of the year, grub control applications can generally stop. Grub development typically occurs in July, so by now you’re not likely to see any activity. However, you should consider other insect-control applications on your lawn to prevent infestations from other nuisances like chinch bugs. Those pests tend to show up during the driest and hottest months.

Round 5 Application

As summer slowly winds down, it is even more important to use a fertilizer that is an organic-based summer blend (the kind Green T professionals use). This blend utilizes the proper nutrients to help ward off the negative effects of heat stress. This application will protect the root system of your lawn and keep it nice and healthy even during periods of extreme heat or drought. After working hard all year to maintain a beautiful lawn, the last thing you want is brown spots, dead patches, or pest infestations! The outstanding late-summer lawn fertilization and weed control program that Green T offers is just the answer to keep your lawn in top condition as we endure the last of the heat and head into fall.

Green T Lawn Care

Green T Landscaping experts are here to help you make your lawn and yard the best it can be. We’re experts with more than 22,000 satisfied customers all over Illinois! Contact us today at 630-231-0007 for a free estimate so we can schedule an appointment for your Round 5 lawn application.

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