Green T The Importance Of Round 7 Application

Autumn, winterize, weedFall is finally here. Halloween decorations are up, football is in full swing, and the air has a chill to it. As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, it is time to get our lawns prepared for the long winter ahead. At this point, most grub and weed control applications have ceased and any fertilizer should contain higher concentrations of potassium since that helps to winterize the lawn. The winterizer applications Green T offers late in the fall season help protect your lawn from the harsh winter and bounce back quicker in the spring.


Winterizing applications give your lawn the best chance to survive the tough Chicago area winters. These applications contain higher levels of potassium in order to help grass become more tolerant to extreme temperature changes in addition to optimizing its use of nitrogen. Grass blades are less likely to dry out or crack and the nitrogen helps it retain its color and metabolic processes. The potassium helps grass utilize water, which is crucial for survival and coming back strong in the spring.
The outstanding late-fall lawn program that Green T offers is just the answer to keep your lawn in top condition as we transition to and prepare for winter. Taking these steps ensures your lawn will have the strength to make it through the winter and make a full recovery in the spring.
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