How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

Perfect green fertilized grass
You want to have the perfect green lawn, and you understand that in order for your grass to really thrive, it needs the help of some lawn fertilizer.
A healthy lawn needs nutrients, water, and the sun. You have no control over the sun, but you can water correctly and apply the right amount of fertilizer.

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So you may be wondering: How often should I fertilize my lawn?
The answer you get may vary slightly depending on who you ask.
Everyone agrees you need to fertilize in the spring to help your lawn get started, and again in the fall to help your grass store up nutrients for over the winter. The number of times in between is where you may see some differing opinions.
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At Green T Lawn Care, we fertilize lawns five times throughout the year as part of our 7-step lawn care schedule.
Lesco FertilizerEarly Spring Fertilization – In spring you need to apply a high nitrogen, slow release fertilizer to help your lawn recover from winter damage.
Late Spring Fertilization – In late spring you should apply a slow release fertilizer to provide a steady food source for the summer months.
Early Summer Fertilization – An early summer fertilization blend to protect your lawn from disease and brown spots.
Summer Fertilization -A fertilizer blend to prevent summer heat stress while supplying nutrients for plant development and color.
Early Fall Fertilization – A fall fertilizer blend with slow release, granular fertilization for grass to absorb during its pre-winter nutrient storage.
How many times you fertilize may also be dependent on the health of your grass, the type of grass you have and where you live.
Always make sure to follow the instruction on the label of the fertilizer you will be using. The directions will vary depending on if you use an organic, water-soluble or synthetic fertilizer.
Here’s to a healthy green lawn!

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