How to avoid the most common lawn care mistakes

Common Lawn Care Mistakes
We often want to do everything ourselves to save money, but sometimes it hurts in the long run if we’re overlooking the small mistakes.
Lawn care isn’t easy; its a lot of work getting your yard to look its best.
Here are a few of the simple mistakes that you might be making that will end up hurting you and your lawn down the road.

Over-watering your lawn

Watering your lawn is extremely beneficial, however, over-watering is harmful to your lawn.
Not only are you running up your water bill by over watering, you’re drowning your emerging lawn. Your solution to avoid over-watering is to try watering for about 45 minutes three times a week. If it rains, water less frequently.
You’ll save water and your lawn still drinks it up.

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Cutting grass too short

Ever cut your grass short because you’re trying to save yourself time by not mowing as often or you are going on vacation?
Don’t! If you cut your grass too short, you could end up cutting the crown of the blade, therefore stunting its growth, and this will stress the grass out making it more susceptible to diseases.
Your quick fix is to raise the blade on your mower and cut the grass to a length of about 3 inches. And you might want to think about servicing your mower before summer comes and you’re in a bind.

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Over fertilizing

Your lawn builds up a tolerance to fertilizer if it’s fertilized too frequently. Doing it yourself can be tricky, its best to keep your lawn on a schedule.
Think it about it like this, we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a few snacks between. If we miss a meal we get hungry, or if we eat too many meals we feel miserable. Your lawn works the same way.
If you’re under fertilizing, the lawn gets stressed trying to get the nutrients it needs. But if you over fertilize you could end up killing your grass. It’s best to keep your grass on a healthy schedule for fertilizing.

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