How to Get Your Lawn Mower Ready for Spring

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A set of tips to help you get your mower ready for spring and summer use.

As winter begins to fade, it’s time to start thinking about spring.
We love to see the last of the snow melt away, the ground thaw and the grass start to turn green again.
It means we get to spend more time outside again. Soon it will be time for gardening, cookouts, outdoor time and… lawn care.
For us, lawn care is a good thing. We love it! Fertilizing lawns, getting rid of weeds and pests, planting flowers, trimming shrubs; we look forward to doing those things.
If you’re anything like us, you’re getting ready for spring and summer too. And you know what spring and summer mean for your yard work routine: mowing the lawn.
We’ve put together a list of tips so you can get your lawn mower ready for the spring and summer.

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How to get your lawnmower ready

Go to your local lawn mower repair shop – If you don’t want to do your lawnmower tune-up yourself, then get your mower to your local repair shop as soon as possible. Beat the rush so that you’re not waiting too long to get it back.
Check your owners manual – If you still have it that is. If not, many lawn mower manuals are available for viewing and downloading online. You want to check and see what sort of maintenance schedule is recommended by the manufacturer.lawnmower tools
Get your tools together – Here is a list of tools you may need in order to perform maintenance on your mower: Gloves (for protection), a torque wrench, clamps, hammer, ratchet/socket set, screwdriver set, grease gun.
Check the spark plugs – If you have your manual, check how often they should be changed. Old spark plugs make your mower hard to start and can hurt fuel efficiency and your engine. Clean around the spark plug hole first to make sure no “gunk” falls into the cylinder when you remove it. Put in your new spark plug by hand and tighten with a wrench when it is in place if necessary.
Replace your fuel filter – Check your filter and the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations. If it needs to be replaced, point the fuel flow direction arrows towards the engine. When it’s in, put the fuel line clamps back into place and un-pinch the fuel line.
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Change the oil – If you replaced the oil filter, make sure to change the oil at the same time. Drain the old oil from the engine and dispose of properly.
Drain the gas and add fresh gasoline – If you left gas in the mower over the winter, drain it and dispose of it properly along with you oil.
Lubrication – Follow your manual guidelines and lubricate parts, including wheel bearings.
Sharpen the blade – Always sharpen your blade before the new season, or replace it if necessary. It needs to be sharp and cutting grass at the right angle in order to be most effective. Take your blades to a professional if need be.

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