How To Prepare Your Lawn For Summer

Creating a strong root system and minimizing stress is key for your lawn in the spring so that you can head into summer prepared to face the heat and sun.

1. Aerate

– Lawn aeration helps decrease the build up of thatch in your lawn, which can prevent roots from properly affixing into soil as well as preventing nutrients from entering soil. Aerating is important before the summer season, as the increased heat and sun will be harsh on your lawn and it is important to have a strong lawn foundation heading into summer.

2. Fertilize

– Fertilizing the lawn is important to do at this time of the year, prior to the peak heat of the summer months. Mid-spring weed prevention should be applied to your lawn to manage the weeds and prevent crabgrass. Late spring fertilization should allow for slow release of fertilizer to provide food over the summer months for your lawn. Early summer lawn fertilization should protect your lawn from brown spots. View our 7 Round Fertilization Schedule to learn more about our fertilization process.

3. Water

– Watering your lawn is an obvious preparation step, but it is important to water your lawn to benefit the root system. Over-watering can lead to weak roots that won’t reach deep into the soil and eventually the grass will require significant amounts of water to survive. It’s best to water your lawn in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t high and able to evaporate the water immediately. Your lawn only needs a good watering (enough to apply one inch of water) once a week, or so, depending on the spring weather.

4. Mow

– Change the direction you mow your lawn every time you cut it to minimize stress on your grass. Only remove 1/3 of the grass height at a time; make a second pass if necessary. Grass should be kept around three inches tall for optimum health, but may vary depending on your specific type of grass. Make sure to prevent over-mowing when there is a lack of rainfall, as it can stress out your lawn and prevent growth.
We hope these tips help you get your lawn in top shape before summer!