Importance of Our Round 2 Fertilization with Pre-Emergent

dandelionThe birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the snow has finally melted. You know what that means? It is finally spring time in the Chicago area! And now that spring is here, it is time to think about our lawns, plants, and flowers. If you haven’t already thought about your Round 2 application of pre-emergent, it’s time you should.

How Pre-Emergent Works

Pre-emergent works pretty much the way it sounds: weed control functions by applying a specially formulated herbicide at the beginning of the growing season. The pre-emergent creates a barrier that prevents weeds or crabgrass from “emerging” through the surface. When you apply a good pre-emergent product at the right time, you can be assured your lawn will remain beautiful over the summer.

Timing Is Everything

So, you can see timing is really everything when it comes to applying Round 2 pre-emergent. You need to get it done before the summer weeds are out for crabgrass prevention. Generally speaking, mid to late March is usually the best time to start serious weed and crabgrass control. This way, you can put a stop to it before they have a chance to grow and fully mature. Once weeds and crabgrass start to develop, eliminating them becomes much more difficult. Attacking them before they establish themselves in the lawn’s root system is the most effective way to control weeds throughout the season.

When Should Pre-Emergent Treatment Be Applied?

In addition to pre-emergent, mid-spring lawn care maintenance should also include a slow-release fertilizer and weed-control program in order to encourage a healthy root system. In order to effectively ward off weeds and crabgrass all season, a healthy root system is your best defense. And the best part is it’s natural!
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