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Iron is one of the nutrients that is frequently missing from soil in an adequate amount for trees to thrive and survive. In soils that are alkaline, iron becomes insoluble and is unavailable to the tree. If you believe your tree may be or could be suffering from iron deficiency, Green T Tree & Shrub professionals are here to assist you with all of your tree fertilization needs.

Why Are Iron Injections Important?

Iron injections are important for tree growth and survival. Some soils simply do not provide enough iron on their own, so injections are critical to keeping your trees the healthiest they can possibly be. Without iron, your trees can die.

When Do You Need A Iron Injection?

Iron Injection, Green T Tree and Shrub, Green T Lawn Care,There are several ways you can tell if your trees may need iron injections. One indicative sign is the color of your foliage. If your previously healthy green leaves have faded to pale green or turned a yellow hue, it may be a sign your tree is suffering from Iron Chlorosis. If your trees are growing in areas where soil is poorly drained, that may also make them more susceptible to Iron Chlorosis.
The best time to apply iron injections (either through trunk injection or soil application) is generally spring or fall. It is important for the soil to be moist and there should be high humidity. Although, this method of fertilization can be applied at any time, including summer, as long as care is taken to be sure the soil is not too dry.

Why Do You Need Iron Injections?

There are many reasons why you may need iron injections, but the most important is if your trees suffer from iron deficiency, it can lead to their death. Green T Tree & Shrub experts can help assess your need for iron injections and work with you to keep your trees healthy.

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