Late Spring is the Time to Spot Spray Weeds

At this time of year, the lawn is starting to really accelerate its growth and the early spring fertilizer applications are beginning to materialize into a lush green lawn.  However, it is not just the lawn that is getting a boost; weeds may also be thriving in your yard as well.  While it is not generally recommended to use weed control products on your lawn, spot spraying your yard for weeds at this time of year can be beneficial for contributing to a weed free lawn.  Following these simple tips will make your spot spraying much more effective.

Do Not Overdo It

The important thing to remember is to spot spray, it is not necessary to cover your entire lawn with herbicides.  The best practice is to spray only the areas where there is weed growth so that you do not waste the product or cause unnecessary harm to your lawn.  All you need to do is apply a small amount of broadleaf weed control to contribute to a weed free lawn.


It is important to make sure you are spot spraying your lawn for weeds at the appropriate time.  The growth within a lawn intensifies once the ground temperatures start to warm up and the early spring fertilizer applications cause the turf and weeds to thrive.  This is the optimal time to spray your weeds because you can stop their growth while allowing the lawn to continue to grow.  This will help your lawn out compete weeds for the rest of the growing season and choke out any further weed growth as long as you continue to fertilize and maintain your lawn.

Re-Application May be Needed

Sometimes weed growth may persist after spot spraying which makes it necessary to spray again.  If you spot spray correctly, only a little bit of chemical is used so it is not harmful to your lawn to spot spray more than once as long as the lawn is not overrun with weeds.  Spray the weeds in your lawn for two or three consecutive weeks and if they do not start to die off, there may be a bigger problem that needs to be treated by a lawn care professional.

If They Keep Growing . . .

If weeds continue to grow in your lawn despite your spot spraying, then there may be a larger problem that needs to be addressed by a lawn care professional.  There are several underlying issues that could cause weed growth to persist into the summer such as an unbalanced pH level, drainage issues, and soil compaction.  A lawn care provider can test the soil for its pH balance and resolve the other issues to help eliminate the weeds from your lawn.
Make sure to spot spray your lawn in the coming weeks to eliminate any weed growth before the summer.  If your lawn has a lot of weeds or the weeds continue to grow after a couple rounds of spot spraying, then contact Green T Lawn Care to help resolve the issue.  Our trained technicians can help effectively eliminate weeds in a number of ways.

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