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Late Spring Lawn Care – Round 3 Application

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Staying On Top Of Grub Control

Late spring is a crucial time for lawn care because it involves taking preventative action against weeds and grubs to ensure a healthy lawn into the summer months.

This is the goal of the Green T Lawn Care Round Three late spring lawn treatment.

The slow release fertilizer applications should continue until the end of spring because it provides your lawn with a steady food source that it can use when the summer begins. The late spring is also the time to start taking preventative action against grubs that can cause considerable damage to your lawn.

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Grub Control

Staying On Top Of Grub Control

Grubs are beetle larvae from a variety of different beetle species that begin their life-cycle in July when beetles typically lay their eggs. The larvae hatch within 2 to 4 weeks and begin feeding on the lawn’s root system immediately upon hatching.

Because the damage grubs cause is below the surface, effects from their damage typically do not show until later in the season after the harm has been done. Grub damage appears on the surface as dead and browning grass that can be easily peeled away because it has been severed from the roots.

Grass that has been damaged by grubs usually does not recover and must be removed so the areas can be reseeded for new grass.

It is wise to start applying grub control before the summer hits to prevent grubs from hatching and maturing in your lawn’s root system.

Grub Damage

Green T offers recommended grub control applications starting with our late spring lawn care for an additional charge. If you wait for signs of grub damage before taking action, it will already be too late.

Along with the addition of grub control, late spring lawn care should continue with slow release fertilizer applications and weed control as well. Taking all of these preventative measures into account before the summer begins is the best way to prepare your lawn for a healthy summer.

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