Lawn Care Tips for Shaded Spots

As the Chicago area gets deeper into the summer season, the shaded areas of your lawn become a desirable oasis from the heat and sunlight.  However, grass in the shaded areas typically does not grow as well because it does not receive adequate sunlight which can lead to bare spots.  Most grass types need between 4 to 6 hours of sunlight to thrive as well as enough water and nutrients.  Areas of the turf that do not receive enough sunlight will stop growing and leave a bare spot in the lawn.
Homeowners must be aware of where the shaded spots are in their lawn so they can care for these areas to prevent them from becoming bare spots.  Every lawn is different so the approach may vary between lawns but the following tips are typically effective for restoring bare spots in any lawn:

  • Pruning: Pruning dense tree branches and shrubs will allow more sunlight to reach more grass in your lawn.
  • Mowing: Make sure to mow the lawn at a height of at least 3 inches.
  • Seeding: Bare spots in your lawn should be seeded with shade tolerant seed mixes to promote growth.
  • Maintenance: Clear any debris from your lawn such as brush, leaves, and other objects to allow more sunlight to reach the grass.
  • Watering: Water your lawn deeply but infrequently to avoid overwatering and prevent diseases.

If there are large areas of your lawn that are shaded, make sure to follow these tips to help prevent or restore bare spots by increasing the amount of sunlight to your turf.  Every area of the lawn must receive adequate sunlight along with water and nutrients to remain healthy and dense throughout.  If there are still bare spots in your lawn after implementing these control tips, contact Green T Lawn Care for overseeding services that can fix your bare spots.

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