Lawn Mowing Tips

Mowing the lawn is a very important part of the general upkeep and maintenance of your lawn. Mowing on a regular schedule at the right height, and bagging or mulching your clippings can mean the difference between a healthy lawn and a damaged lawn.

Mowing Tips:

  • Always mow 3-3 ½”  high.
    • Mowing high helps to reduce the amount of the blade that is damaged each cut and also keeps moisture in the lawn naturally, so you can water less!
  • Sharpen your blades often.
    • Keeping a blade sharp reduces the amount of stress you can cause to the grass and keeps an even cut. Dull blades can lead to frayed or yellowing tips of grass. Many local small engine repair companies offer this service and some manufacturer warranties even cover blade sharpening as part of your warranty.
  • Alternate mowing patterns.
    • Alternating the mowing pattern each time can help to reduce compaction in an area and prevent the blades from growing in one direction.

To bag, or not to bag? That is the question.
It is almost always recommended to mulch your clippings. There are a few times you may hear us say not to, but those are few and far between.

  • Mulching helps to keep moisture in your lawn.
    • With mulching, the moisture is trapped to the soil and cannot escape, reducing the amount of times you need to water and helping to encourage deeper and stronger root systems, all while allowing soil temperatures to stay cooler.
  • But if I mulch won’t that lead to more thatch?
    • Thatch is not caused by grass clippings. Thatch is actually the dead rhizomes and roots systems of plants that have naturally died off after reproducing.

If you don’t want to worry and want your lawn to be healthy with minimal effort, contact Green T and we will take care of all the work for you!

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