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It may seem obvious, but trees require nutrients in order to survive and thrive. When trees are well-fertilized with nutrients, they are less susceptible to insects, disease, and tend to live longer. Micronutrient injections are able to help trees live up to their best potential and Green T Tree & Shrub professionals can assist you with all of your tree fertilization needs.

Why Are Micronutrient Injections Important?

Micronutrient injections are important for tree growth and survival. Some soils simply do not provide enough micronutrients on their own, so injections are critical to keeping your trees the healthiest they can possibly be.

When Do You Need A Micronutrient Injection?

Micronutrient injections, Green T Tree and Shrub, Green T Lawn CareThere are several ways you can tell if your trees may need micronutrient injections. One telltale sign is the color of your foliage. If you have yellow or off-color leaves, it may be a sign it’s time for a micronutrient injection. A subsequent way to tell if you might require micronutrient injections is by measuring shoot growths. If you have shoot growth (growth occurring during the present year) of 6 (six) inches or less, especially 2 (two) inches or less, then micronutrient injections would be beneficial and appropriate.
The best time to apply micronutrient injections is typically spring, or late spring, before trees experience a surge of growth that usually occurs in May or June depending on the climate. Although, this method of fertilization can be applied at any time, especially if your tree is displaying a nutrient deficiency or extremely slow growth.

Why Do You Need Micronutrient Injections?

There are many reasons why you may need micronutrient injections. Trees in urban and suburban areas, like the Chicagoland area, are often put under extreme stress due to soil compaction, less moisture availability, construction nearby, and other physical and environmental stressors.

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