Mid Spring Lawn Care

Spring lawncare tips

Most home owners know that early spring is the time to begin your lawn care regimen so you can have a healthy summer lawn after the long winter.
After your initial early spring lawncare, is there something you should be doing in mid to late spring to help your lawn?
If you do not continue to maintain your grass after your initial applications, your lawn may not have the strength to maintain it’s health through the hot and dry summer months.
You also want to make sure that crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds don’t get a chance to establish themselves in your yard because as the warm weather continues it will only become more difficult to remove them.
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Mid-spring lawncare tips that will help you have a green lawn during the summer

Mid spring fertilization. Most people fertilize in early spring, which is definitely recommended. But did you know that the majority of root growth occurs during the mid-spring? By doing another round of fertilization in the mid and late spring, you can insure a healthier lawn.
Don’t let your grass grow too long. In spring it’s better to do more frequent mowing rather than let your lawn grow too long. You want to keep the grass clippings shorter so you can leave them on the lawn. The shorter grass blades will create a better mulch for your lawn.
Gradually raise the mower blade height. You don’t want to cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. This is especially true in the spring if you get behind on the mowing. Just adjust your blade height rather than cutting off too much and “shocking” the grass.

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