National Lawn Care Month Summary

National Lawn Care Month Thank You from Green T
Thank you for celebrating National Lawn Care Month with us in April!
We love lawn care (obviously!) and so this year we tried to really join in on the celebration by creating a special series of lawn care blog posts, promotional images, coupons and social media promotions.
Our designer at Green T Marketing was working hard to create new social media promo images for our Green T Services Instagram account so that we could post a new one every day of the week. We think he did a great job!
The posts received many likes and shares and gained us a lot of new followers on both Instragram and Green T Services on Facebook. The reach and impressions the images received on Facebook and Instagram were in the thousands. We enjoyed seeing likes and comments from both old and new followers.
National Lawn Care MonthWe received a lot of traffic on our new blog posts we published in April. We started off by publishing The Benefits of Lawn Care to get Lawn Care Month started, then published Stop Dandelions from Spreading (timely!), Lawn Repair: Five Common Problems, What You’re Getting from Our Round 2 Application, Caring for New Grass Seed, and finally a post for the Lake County Home and Garden Show.
We also shared some of our most popular older articles including Common Northern Illinois Weeds, Lawn Care Schedule for Northern Illinois and What’s the Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping because if you write a quality timeless blog post, it will still be relevant a year later or more.
We’d like to thank the National Association of Landscape Professionals for organizing National Lawn Care Month and helping inspire us to participate.
Green T is proud to participate in National Lawn Care Month and we’ll be sure to do it again every year.
Lawn care truckBeautiful green lawns and landscapes help keep our local communities such as Aurora, Naperville, Elgin, Geneva, Joliet and Schaumburg looking great. They improve our neighborhoods, raise property values, lower crime and give our families a place to play and enjoy the seasons.
Thank you for being a part of it and trusting us with your lawns!

Our most popular tip:

Tune up the mower for spring!

Tune up the mower for spring!

How to get your mower ready for spring

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