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Lawn Care Oswego, IL

Green T provides professional lawn care services to Oswego, Illinois as well as the entire Fox Valley area and suburban Chicago region. View service area
Homeowners in The Village of Oswego can get lush green lawns by using Green T professional lawn care services including:
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We are proud to have Green T Lawn Care technicians who call Oswego their home. As family owned business and part of your local Fox Valley community, we believe in going that extra mile to keep your lawn looking great.
We are very serious when we say we have the highest quality lawn care services and weed control to produce the healthiest yards in the Chicagoland area.

Downtown Oswego ILOswego has been one of the fasted growing cities in Illinois and has more than doubled in size since the year 2000.
The village was listed on CNN/Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Towns to live.
Its growth has been a part of our company growth and we are proud to serve our loyal customers who use our lawn care services year after year. Read testimonials from our satisfied customers
As a suburban community with many homes both new and historic, lush green lawns are a badge of honor in the area. We are here to help you get your lawn looking beautiful.

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Local Oswego, IL Links and Resources

Visit the Official Village of Oswego website.
Visit the Oswego Public Library.
Enjoy Hiking and Biking trails in Oswego.
Enjoy handcrafted Illinois wines and tastings at Fox Valley Winery.
Learn local history at the Little White School Museum.
Spend a family friendly summer evening in downtown Oswego with food, drink and live music at Oswego Beats & Eats.
Visit the local farmers market every Sunday all summer at the Oswego Country Market.

Lawn Fertilization

Green T’s lawn care program consists of seven rounds of fertilizer applications that are administered starting in the early spring and continuing through the fall season. Fertilizer applications are an important aspect of good lawn care because fertilizer helps strengthen the root system which is the lawn’s best natural defense against weeds.
The fertilizer that we provide to our customers is an organic based fertilizer which is made from natural materials and animal products. These fertilizers have many benefits over chemical fertilizers such as the ability to retain moisture, activate nutrients, and feed lawns evenly with slow release nutrients. Our fertilizer will not burn your grass. Learn more

Weed & Grub Control

Each round of fertilizer applications from Green T also includes weed control applications.
Grub control is available starting in the late spring. The weed control that we use is a blend of selective herbicides that specifically attacks weeds without damaging the surrounding roots and it is applied during each round of fertilization.
Grubs are also a legitimate threat to destroy Oswego lawns. They are beetle larvae that hatch in the soil by the early summer and feed on the roots of a lawn, causing severe and often irreversible damage to the lawn’s surface.
We offer grub control applications in the late spring and early summer to prevent them from establishing themselves in the soil. Learn more

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Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

While our fertilizer and weed control application rounds are designed to keep lawns healthy during the spring and summer, our aeration and over seeding services offered in the fall prepare lawns to survive through the winter.
Aerations are performed with a machine that pulls 3 to 4 inch plugs of grass from the lawn in a pattern over the entire yard. This helps open up the soil and allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to absorb closer to the root system. Aeration also creates ideal conditions for over seeding because the holes allow the seed to settle deeper into the soil.
During the winter, the seed absorbs nutrients and moisture which then contributes to early germination in the spring. Learn more

Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program is designed to keep your lawn fed throughout the growing season with the proper balance of nutrients depending on the application. We use only the highest quality products, including Lesko fertilizers (a John Deere Company), to deliver only the highest quality results. Our comprehensive lawn care program includes:

  • State licensed technicians
  • An expertly balanced 7 round Lawn fertilization program
  • Weed control in every application
  • Free crabgrass control application
  • Disease diagnostics and prevention
  • Free service calls between applications (to re-spray weeds, diagnose lawn problems, etc)

We also offer additional lawn care services depending on your specific lawn care need. These services are highly recommended, but optional:

  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Grub and insect control

Oswego is one of our major service areas and just minutes away from our main headquarters, so we are fully aware of the common lawn diseases and weeds prone to the area. Let our professional lawn care services make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

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