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Lawn Care Plainfield, IL

Green T provides profession lawn care services to Plainfield, Illinois, the surrounding communities and Chicagoland area.
Homeowners in The Village of Plainfield can get healthy green lawns by using Green T’s professional lawn care services including:
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As a local family owned business and part of your local community, we will always go that extra mile to keep your lawn looking its best.
We are serious when we say we have the highest quality lawn care services in Plainfield, the Fox Valley, and the Chicagoland area. We have employees who call Plainfield their hometown, and so we consider this town part of our family.
Other Plainfield area communities we serve include Shorewood, Crest Hill, Joliet, Lockport, Romeoville, Bolingbrook, Aurora and more.

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Historic Downtown PlainfieldPlainfield is recognized as Will County’s oldest city, and much like Green T Services has been fast growing for the past several years. We also both share a pride in our look and our appearance. We love green lawns and so does Plainfield. It’s a beautiful city and we’re happy to be a small part of it. Read testimonials from our satisfied customers
Plainfield’s beautiful Downtown Historic District has been added the National Register of Historic Places. It is also one of only two US cities where the historic Lincoln Highway and Route 66 cross paths. It has been home to some famous residents, its most recent notable celebrity being comedic actress Melissa McCarthy.
What started out as a small farming town, with its main road being gravel, Plainfield has boomed in recent years. With so many new things popping up on a nearly daily basis, maintaining a lush, healthy lawn can be difficult to do alone.
Green T Lawn care will be there for you so you don’t have to go it alone. With our professional lawn care services, we can help keep your yard green and vibrant. Lawns require regular fertilization and weed control in addition to proper watering and mowing to stay strong throughout the summer. Green T Lawn Care provides complete lawn care services to Plainfield, IL that include lawn fertilization, weed control, grub and insect control, and fall aeration and over seeding.

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Lawn Fertilization

Regular applications of fertilizer are a central element to Green T’s lawn care program. These fertilizer applications give lawns the nutrients that are necessary for promoting the health and development of the root system which naturally protects lawns from weeds and other troublesome pests. Green T provides Plainfield with regular fertilization applications of organic based fertilizers. These fertilizers are made up of natural materials and animal products with slow releasing nutrients that feed the lawn at a steady pace to avoid overloading the roots. Organic fertilizers also retain moisture and activate natural nutrients already in the soil without the risk of burning the grass like chemical fertilizers.

Weed & Grub Control

Weed and grub control are also an important element to Green T’s lawn care program. We apply weed control throughout the season with each fertilizer application that consists of selective herbicides that specifically attack weeds without harming the grass or root system. Grubs can also pose a huge problem to Plainfield lawns as they can cause extensive, irreversible damage. Grubs are beetle larvae that hatch in the soil by midsummer and immediately begin feeding on a lawn’s root system. The damage they cause can go undetected for weeks which makes prevention the best method of grub control. Green T offers grub control applications starting in the late spring to prevent grubs from hatching in the soil.

Lawn Aeration

While it is important to regularly apply fertilizer and weed control to keep lawns looking lush throughout the spring and summer, aerations and over seeding prepare lawns to survive through the winter. Aerations are performed with a machine that removes 3 to 4 inch plugs of grass in a pattern over the entire lawn to open up the soil to better receive water, nutrients, and oxygen. It is also beneficial to perform over seeding along with aeration services because the holes from the aeration allow the seeds to penetrate and absorb closer to the roots. The seeds also absorb nutrients and extra moisture during the winter so they are ready to germinate by the spring. Our aeration and over seeding services can help Plainfield lawns not only survive the winter but also recover quickly in the spring.
Green T offers complete lawn care services to Plainfield to help keep lawns healthy and well maintained through the entire season and ensure a quick recovery the following season. Aeration and overseeding is an excellent way to help your lawn fully recover and grow back stronger in the Spring.

Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program is designed to keep your lawn fed throughout the growing season with the proper balance of nutrients depending on the application. We use only the highest quality products, including Lesko fertilizers (a John Deere Company), to deliver only the highest quality results. Our comprehensive lawn care program includes:

  • State licensed technicians
  • An expertly balanced 7 round Lawn fertilization program
  • Weed control in every application
  • Free crabgrass control application
  • Disease diagnostics and prevention
  • Free service calls between applications (to re-spray weeds, diagnose lawn problems, etc)

We also offer additional lawn care services depending on your specific lawn care need. These services are highly recommended, but optional:

  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Grub and insect control

Plainfield is one of our major service areas so we are fully aware of the common lawn diseases and weeds prone to the area. Let our professional lawn care services make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

See how affordable Plainfield, IL lawn care can be!

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