Removing Snow from Your Property

The snow has been piling onto the Chicago area at an historic pace and as a result, many homeowners are exhausted from shoveling snow and salting their driveways.  Unfortunately, there is still more snow in the forecast as we are well over a month away from the spring.  Removing snow is a big part of being a homeowner in the Chicago area and it must be done in order for us to use our driveways and walkways safely.  As you continue to dig your property out of the ensuing snow falls, keep these following tips in mind because they could help make the snow removal process easier.

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are a rather expensive option but living with the harsh winter climate in Chicago makes them a great investment.  Manually shoveling snow can take a lot of time and with the amount of snow this area has gotten, it can also be very physically demanding.  Using a snow blower will make the process much faster and relieve you of the physical demands of shoveling.  This is an especially good option for those with large driveways or those who are not physically able to manually shovel.  You can save money by buying a snow blower in the off-season.

Use a Good Shovel

Shoveling is already a difficult task but using a badly built or ineffective shovel will make the job even more strenuous.  Some signs of a poor shovel include weak scoops, uncomfortable handles, no grip, and extra weight which can all add the stress of shoveling.  The best shovels to use are lightweight with either a metal or hard plastic scoop.

Make it a Group Effort

If your driveway is buried after a heavy snowfall, get your family to help you shovel.  Tackling the shoveling as a group will not only get the job done faster, but also make the process much more enjoyable.  Putting more bodies on the job will make it less physically demanding on everyone involved as well.

Professional Snow Removal

For some homeowners, the snowfall reaches a point where continuing to shovel is simply too much to handle.  In this case, it may be beneficial to hire a professional for snow removal.  Green T Services offers snow removal for homes and businesses in our service area.  These services are a nice change from shoveling in sub-zero temperatures.
As the snow continues to fall this winter, it is important to shovel it quickly so that it does not compact and freeze over your driveway.  Following these tips will help make the process of snow removal much easier in the final days of winter for homeowners who are exhausted from shoveling and salting.  Feel free to contact Green T for more about our snow removal services and remember that we are more than halfway to spring!

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