Roundup Free Weed Control System

Our Green T lawn care and weed control system does not use the chemical Roundup.
We use fertilizers and herbicides that are tough on weeds but safe for your family and pets.
Roundup is the world’s most widely used weed killer. Despite it’s popularity, this product is the subject of much controversy.
Some people and organizations claim that Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate is a cause of cancer.
Whether these claims are true or not, there are other reasons why Roundup is not the best choice for weed control. 

Roundup kills everything

Roundup is an extremely strong weed killer that can be effective at getting rid of the most problem weeds. However, it is so strong that it will kill all plants it comes in contact. You may have seen lawns with brown, burnt-looking patches. These are caused by Roundup killing everything around it that it is sprayed on.
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This can sometimes lead to your lawn actually looking worse that it did before when it still had weeds in it. It can be a good choice for using on sidewalks, driveways and paved areas where there is no other vegetation, but is a poor choice for your turf.

Selective Herbicides

Green T uses a selective herbicide for killing weeds. It is an organic weed control product that is effective in killing weeds without killing your turf grass.
We use a pre-emergent treatment to limit weeds such as crabgrass before it sprouts. If any crabgrass or nutsedge do appears in your lawn, we offer free spray treatments during applications to eliminate these pesky weeds.
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