Rusty Chicago Area Lawns

The summer season is starting to wind down and before we know it, we will be easing right into the fall season.  The end of the summer is also the time of year that lawns start having a problem with rust.  Rust is a turf disease that attacks perennial rye grass and Kentucky bluegrass and appears as yellow spots on grass blade leaves and tips.  If this condition is left untreated, it could weaken the lawn and lead to more damaging problems.  It is important to recognize rust and eliminate or control it before it takes over the entire lawn.

Causes and Symptoms

Rust first appears on grass blades as yellow flecks that enlarge to form pustules that release powdery yellowish orange spores.  These spores rub off on clothing and shoes which make it easy to identify.  There are many factors that may contribute to the development of rust which include:

  • High moisture or humidity
  • Deficient nitrogen levels
  • Inadequate light
  • Prolonged periods of moisture
  • Overcast conditions
  • Seasonal temperature transitions

Areas of the lawn that grow slowly or are heavily shaded are more susceptible to rust.

Damage and Control

The danger of rust is that it can put a lawn in a weakened state which leaves it more likely to be infested with weeds or insects as well as other diseases.  If you notice rust in your lawn, you should contact Green T Lawn Care to have the problem eliminated.  However, homeowners can take actions to help prevent the disease from developing such as:

  • Fertilize regularly to maintain adequate nitrogen levels
  • Schedule an aeration service to help improve the movement of water through the soil
  • Increase the height of your mower to stimulate turf growth and discourage the spread of the disease
  • Over seed areas of the lawn affected by rust
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed to increase the amount of sunlight that reaches the surface of the lawn
  • Water early to avoid prolonged periods of moisture

Don’t let the presence of rust in your lawn ruin the last days of summer.  Take these preventative actions to help stop the disease before it starts and call Green T Lawn Care as soon as the disease establishes itself in your lawn.

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