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Lawn Care Schaumburg, IL

Green T provides professional lawn care services to Schaumburg, Illinois, the suburban Cook County area and Chicagoland. View service area
Zurich Insurance Headquarters Schaumburg ILIf you are a homeowner in the Village of Schaumburg, Illinois, you can count on a healthy green lawn by contacting Green T Services.
Since 2008 we have been helping people like you get the lawn they dream of while saving hours of labor so they can spend time on other things like family, fishing, cookouts and summertime fun.
Since 2008 we have been helping people like you get the lawn they dream of while saving them hours of labor throughout the year to spend time on other things like family, fishing, cookouts and summertime fun.
We offer you a range of professional lawn care services from aeration & overseeding to lawn fertilization and weed control. We can even provide you landscaping services, patios & deck construction, and home services to keep your exterior and interior looking great.
Green T is here to help you with a full range of services your lawn needs to thrive.

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As an independent family-owned business, headquartered in Chicagoland Green T believes in doing whatever it takes to keep you satisfied your lawn looking great.
We are proud to be a family-owned business serving communities across the Chicagoland area. We have Green T employees who grew up in the Schaumburg area and still consider it their hometown. They know the high standards in your town and will work hard to meet them.
Other Cook County and Schaumburg area cities we serve include Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Evanston, Palatine, Streamwood and more.

Streets of WoodfieldSchaumburg is a modern village in Cook County known for its booming economy, corporate headquarters, endless shopping opportunities and high-quality schools.
It’s conveniently located to Chicago, O’Hare Airport, expressways, and numerous activities and hotels. For many people, it is best known as the home of Woodfield mall, the largest mall in the state of Illinois and still one of the largest malls in the entire country.
The village has grown incredibly in the post-World War II era. Less than a century ago it was still a tiny farming community. Today it is the second largest city in Cook County outside Chicago and home to some of the largest companies in America including Zurich Insurance, Motorola, IBM, Comcast and many others.
Although Schaumburg was not incorporated until 1956, there were settlers moving into the area as early as the 1830s. By the 1870s the area was almost entirely composed of German immigrants who settled in the area to farm. German remained the first language of the majority of households up until even the 1950s and local churches conducted services in German as recently as the 1970s.
Woodfield Mall SchaumburgThe course of the town’s direction was changed forever in the 1950s with the opening of nearby O’Hare airport and the building of the Northwest Highway Interstate 90. This brought much development and growth to Schaumburg. Village planners had the foresight to help plan land usage that made huge economic growth in the coming decades possible.
Today it is home to just under 75,000 residents and hundreds of businesses. It has quality infrastructure and schools and is a great place to live for people of all ages.
As a city of high standards, a healthy green lawn and a well-maintained landscape are expected of homeowners.
Proud homeowners in Schaumburg can keep their lawns looking great while saving themselves the hard work by calling Green T!


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Watch this intersting video highlighting the growth of Schaumburg 

Things to do in Schaumburg

Spend a day shopping at the largest mall in Chicagoland Woodfield Mall.
Take the family to a night of dining, live entertainment and knights and princesses brought to life at Medieval Times.
Let your kids creativity run free at Legoland Discovery Center.
Spend a day at the ballpark watching the Schaumburg Boomers minor league baseball team.
Visit the Schaumburg Township Historical Society for history and exhibits.
Enjoy both art and nature at Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park.
Support local arts at the Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts.
Visit Trickster Art Gallery, the only Native American owned and operated arts institution in Illinois.
Tour one of Illi­nois’ hid­den archi­tec­tural gems, Mod­ernist archi­tect Paul Schweikher’s 1938 home and stu­dio.

Schaumburg Information

Information regarding city services at the Official Village of Schaumburg website
Learn facts and history about Schaumburg, Illinois on Wikipedia
Schaumburg news in the Daily Herald Newspaper
Plan year round fun with the Schaumburg Park District
Visitors can arrive by commuter train the Schaumburg Metra Station.

Fun Schaumburg Fact

Proposed Schaumburg Space Needle

Did you know?

In 1968 developer Lee M. Romano proposed building the “Schaumburg Space Needle” building at the intersection of Interstate 290 and Higgins Road, across the street from Woodfield Mall.

At 113 stories, it would have been the world’s largest skyscraper if it had been built and could have changed the course of history for the Chicago region.

Financing was never found and the entire plan was cancelled. The site is now the location of a retail center and mid-rise office buildings.


Lawn Fertilization Schaumburg, IL

One important element of good lawn care is proper fertilization. Fertilizers provide lawns with necessary nutrients to help the root system develop and remain strong. A healthy root system forms a lawn’s natural defense with the ability to choke out weeds and other unwanted plants.  Green T provides Schaumburg lawn care customers with organic fertilizer applied in cycles throughout the season.
Green T provides Schaumburg lawn care customers with organic fertilizer applied in cycles throughout the season.  Organic fertilizers consist of natural materials and animal sources such as compost, bone meal, blood meal, humic acid, amino acids, and seaweed extracts that release slowly in the soil. This allows the root system to absorb nutrients as they are released to avoid getting overloaded. Organic fertilizers also help activate natural nutrients in the soil and retain moisture better than chemical fertilizers.

Grub & Insect Control Schaumburg, IL

Regular fertilizer applications will promote a strong root system which in turn will fight against some weeds and grubs, but lawns can still allow weeds and grubs to flourish despite a healthy root system.  Green T includes weed and grub control applications along with our fertilizer applications to help prevent weeds and grubs from appearing in Schaumburg lawns.  Our
Green T includes weed and grub control applications along with our fertilizer applications to help prevent weeds and grubs from appearing in Schaumburg lawns.  Our weed control applications consist of selective herbicides that target weeds specifically and leave the surrounding grass and roots unharmed.  Our
Our grub control applications are given in the late spring and early summer to help prevent grubs from developing and causing damage to the root system.  Grubs feed on the roots of a lawn, causing irreversible damage, and they are very difficult to control. Our grub control applications are meant to prevent grub infestations before they can establish themselves in the soil.

Fall Aeration & Overseeding Schaumburg, IL

While fertilizer, weed control, and grub control applications are beneficial to lawns throughout the season, aerations and over seeding can be quite beneficial in the fall.
Green T offers core aeration and over seeding services in the fall to prepare lawns for the winter.  The process of core aeration involves using a machine to remove plugs of grass about 3 to 4 inches deep in a pattern over the entire lawn to open up the soil for more water, nutrients, and oxygen to absorb while removing dead grass and thatch.  We perform over seeding along with our aeration services because the holes from the aeration allow the seeds to penetrate deeper into the soil and absorb closer to the roots.
Performing these services together will help your lawn survive the winter and recover quickly in the spring because the extra moisture and nutrients in the soil from aerations is absorbed by the seeds during the winter so they are ready to germinate by the spring.  It is wise for Schaumburg homeowners to have aerations and over seeding done to their lawns to prepare them for the harsh Chicago winters.

Lawn Care Program Schaumburg, IL

Our lawn care program is designed to keep your lawn fed throughout the growing season with the proper balance of nutrients depending on the application. We use only the highest quality products, including Lesko fertilizers (a John Deere Company), to deliver only the highest quality results. Our comprehensive lawn care program includes:

  • State licensed technicians
  • An expertly balanced 7 round Lawn fertilization program
  • Weed control in every application
  • Free crabgrass control application
  • Disease diagnostics and prevention
  • Free service calls between applications (to re-spray weeds, diagnose lawn problems, etc)

We also offer additional lawn care services depending on your specific lawn care need. These services are highly recommended, but optional:

  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Grub and insect control

Schaumburg is one of our major service areas so we are fully aware of the common lawn diseases and weeds prone to the area. Let our professional lawn care services make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

See how affordable Schaumburg, IL lawn care can be!

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