Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Lawn

It may be hard to believe but the winter is finally behind us and people all over the Chicago area are starting to emerge from their homes and spend more time outside.  While the weather may be a lot more pleasant than it was one month ago, most lawns are in a state of disrepair from the winter and require some cleaning to prepare them for the growing season.  These spring cleaning tips will help you get your lawn care started this year and prepare your lawn for the arrival of summer.

  • Clear the Lawn: The first priority when resuming lawn care is to clear the lawn of any debris such as thatch or leaves.  Leaves and thatch should be removed with a rake and make sure to remove branches, sticks, and unnatural debris including toys or lawn equipment.
  • Edging: Check the edges around all planting beds and gardens to make sure they are sharp and re-edge as needed.  A distinct edge helps to highlight certain features of your landscape and keep grass clippings out of the planting beds.
  • Mowing: When mowing for the first time this spring, set the mower blade high to allow the grass to grow longer.  This will help establish a strong root system in the lawn.  Do not forget to inspect the mower and its parts including the blade, spark plug, oil, and air filters before starting it for the first time.
  • Hoses and Sprinklers: If your lawn is watered by a hose and sprinkler system, make sure to inspect the hoses and sprinkler heads for leaks and make sure water is reaching the appropriate areas.
  • Mulching: Apply new mulch around trees, shrubs, and planting beds in a 2 to 4 inch thick layer to help retain moisture and warmth.
  • Pruning: Pruning should be done early in the spring to trees, shrubs, and bushes to remove deadwood and damaged branches.  Plants that bloom in the spring should not be pruned until after their flowers fade late in the growing season.
  • Planting Seeds: The early spring is a good time to plant seeds in your garden.  Start by turning over the soil in the garden with a shovel or hoe and add seeds and fertilizer as you turn the soil.
  • Clean Gutters and Patio Furniture: The spring season brings heavier rains which makes it important to clean out the gutters so that the rain water can drain properly.  Water that builds up within clogged gutters could overflow and damage the foundation of the home.  If you have patio furniture, clean them off and put them back in your yard once the weather becomes consistently better.

As you resume working in your yard this spring, make sure to follow these tips to clean up your yard and have it ready for the growing season.  Consistent lawn care will help ensure a healthy lawn and Green T Lawn Care provides complete lawn care services to the Chicago area.  Our lawn care program consists of fertilizer and weed control applications as well as grub control and tree and shrub treatments.  Start enjoying the spring and get out in your lawn today.

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