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Spring Lawn Care – Round 2 Application

As spring carries on and your lawn starts to recover from the Chicago winter, the focus of lawn care shifts to weed and crabgrass prevention.

This is the purpose of the Green T Lawn Care Round Two spring lawn treatment.

Mid to late March is typically the best time to begin serious weed and crabgrass control before they can develop and fully mature. Once weeds and crabgrass start to develop, eliminating them becomes much more difficult.

Attacking them before they establish themselves in the lawn’s root system is the most effective way to control weeds throughout the season.

Early Spring Lawn Care Application

Crabgrass is a weed that grows annually with wide, spreading leaves that can stretch out in diameter up to 12 inches. These plants are capable of producing over 150,000 seeds and they leave behind large areas of dead grass if they are removed after they sprout.

The best way to combat crabgrass is to attack it before it starts to grow with a preventative pre-emergent.

Green T applies a spread-on, granular based pre-emergent that creates a barrier in the soil to stop the germination of crabgrass. Applying this pre-emergent in mid to late March can be quite effective in preventing crabgrass growth throughout the season but applying it too early in March can disrupt the germination of the grass seed.

Green T’s crabgrass pre-emergent is included in our lawn care services and carries a 6-month guarantee.


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Slow Release Fertilizer

Along with the addition of crabgrass control, mid-spring lawn care should also maintain focus on slow release fertilizer and weed control to continue the recovery and promote a strong and healthy root system. A healthy root system is a lawn’s best natural defense against weed growth and development and the continuation of slow release fertilizer applications throughout the spring will help strengthen the root system to effectively fight off weeds all season.

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