Starting Lawn Care in a New Home

Moving into a new home requires a lot of work to clean the house and get your stuff moved in and settled the way you like it.  Once you are settled inside the house, you must begin work on the outside of the house to get your lawn cleaned up.  Depending on how long the home spent vacant while on the market, there is a good chance the lawn went without maintenance which means that it needs attention right away.  The following actions will help you improve the condition of the lawn in your new home and get started on your regular lawn maintenance.

  • Walk-Through: The first action you should take with your new lawn is a walk through to inspect its condition.  Check every plant including trees and shrubs for damage or disease and make sure that the trees do not pose a threat to any surrounding structures.  If you believe a tree in your yard may have a disease, contact a professional arborist for a diagnosis.
  • Hardscape: Make sure to inspect any hardscape features left behind in the yard such as retaining walls, patios, or decks to check their condition.
  • Drainage: Inspect the drainage around the yard near your home to ensure that it is draining properly.  Improper drainage can lead to soil erosion or standing water forming in the lawn.
  • Create Maintenance Plan: You can start maintaining your new lawn by picking up any loose debris and improving its look by weeding and mulching.  After you clean up the lawn, you can add planting beds for gardens or flowers and plant new trees and shrubs.  Create a maintenance plan once you are satisfied with your lawn so that it receives adequate care.
  • Soil: It is important to maintain the soil because it is the source of life for every plant in your lawn.  The soil must have the proper nutrients and a well balanced pH in order to support the trees, shrubs, and grass.  A lawn care professional can test the pH balance of your lawn and provide care to maintain your root system and soil.

After you get settled in your new house, take some time to clean up your lawn and get it set to your preference.  Add new plantings such as flowers, shrubs, or trees after you clean up the yard and create a lawn maintenance plan to implement and follow.  A professional lawn care service provider such as Green T Lawn Care can test the pH level of the soil and provide regular lawn care services.  Our lawn care services include fertilizer and weed control applications with additional services available such as soil testing, grub treatment, over seeding, and aerations.

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