The Effects of Early Spring Weather on Your Lawn and Landscaping

Early spring weather! Don't we all love it? Living in Chicagoland, we all get desperate for warm sunny weather after our seemingly endless cold gray winters. So of course we get excited when we get 50 and 60 degree days seemingly out of nowhere in February and March. As great as it is to get [...]

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How To Prepare Your Lawn For Summer

Creating a strong root system and minimizing stress is key for your lawn in the spring so that you can head into summer prepared to face the heat and sun. 1. Aerate – Lawn aeration helps decrease the build up of thatch in your lawn, which can prevent roots from properly affixing into soil as [...]

Green T Preparing Lawn For Winter

Preparing your lawn for winter is a crucial part of lawn care and simply maintaining your yard in general. After the hot, dry months of summer, early fall is the best time to aerate, seed, and fertilize. These steps will help to reinvigorate your lawn, prepare it for the harsh winter ahead, and allow it [...]

Green T The Importance Of Round 7 Application

Fall is finally here. Halloween decorations are up, football is in full swing, and the air has a chill to it. As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, it is time to get our lawns prepared for the long winter ahead. At this point, most grub and weed control applications have ceased [...]