When is the Best Time to Fertilize My Lawn?

We all want a healthy green lawn that makes your home and property look great. You don't want to be "that house" with the patchy spots, tall weeds and brown patches of grass. No thank you. So when is the best time to fertilize your lawn so you get that thick, lush, green grass? Start [...]

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The Effects of Early Spring Weather on Your Lawn and Landscaping

Early spring weather! Don't we all love it? Living in Chicagoland, we all get desperate for warm sunny weather after our seemingly endless cold gray winters. So of course we get excited when we get 50 and 60 degree days seemingly out of nowhere in February and March. As great as it is to get [...]

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Dealing with Thatch in Your Lawn

Spring is right around the corner, and we're all ready for it to arrive with its warm weather and sunny days. But is your lawn ready? After the long cold winter months, your lawn builds a layer of dead grass and debris referred to as thatch. Dealing thatch is your first step this spring to [...]

How to Get Your Lawn Mower Ready for Spring

A set of tips to help you get your mower ready for spring and summer use. As winter begins to fade, it's time to start thinking about spring. We love to see the last of the snow melt away, the ground thaw and the grass start to turn green again. It means we get to [...]

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