The Importance of Green T’s Grub Control Application

So, you’ve worked hard all year to maintain a nice lawn. You fertilized, you mulched, you aerated, you watered, and you maintained a strong lawn care routine. Now that summer is here, in order to keep that healthy, beautiful lawn you worked so hard to achieve, it is critical to stay on top of grub control.

What Are Grubs?

June Beetle started out as a grub, Grub ControlGrubs are little insects (the larvae of June beetles, Japanese beetles, and masked chafer beetles) but they can cause big problems for your lawn. If you’re wondering how to spot a grub, look for a whitish insect with a brownish head that curls into a “C” shape when you touch or disturb it. Their life cycle varies by species, but it is typically one year or three years. Annual grubs begin their life cycle in the summer months, often July and August, and they grow very quickly. This is why it is so important to do your grub control now.

Damage Caused By Grubs

One of the problems with having a really great, healthy lawn is that it is especially appealing, and appetizing, to grubs. Once grubs hatch, they feed on your lawn’s root system. The damage can appear as browning and wilting grass in irregular patterns across your lawn. Your turf can also become loose and easily peeled back.

Grub Control

Grub, Grub ControlOnce grubs attack, it is a lot more difficult to get rid them (and repair the damage they did). The best thing you can do is be proactive. Green T lawn professionals can apply a grub control treatment like Merit that works to prevent grub hatching and prevent them from maturing. Even if you do not have grubs or eggs yet, this method is best to prevent a future nightmare. If your lawn has already been damaged, Green T experts can still help with your lawn care. At this stage, an application of Dylox by Bayer is known to be incredibly effective. While the damage won’t be reversed, once you rake and reseed in the fall, your lawn can be back and healthy by next year.

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