The Importance of Green T's Round 6 Application

fall, leaves, fall care, aeration, overseedingThe days are getting short and the evening is getting cooler and that can only mean one thing: Fall is upon us. Since the air is colder and drier, you have to adjust your lawn care maintenance routine. It’s important to adjust for this changing weather so that your lawn is prepared for the winter ahead. While you should continue with weed applications, you should also utilize granular fertilizers so your lawn had a continuous source of food. One of the major parts of fall lawn care include over seeding and aeration.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a critical part of a proper lawn care routine in preparation for fall and winter. This process removes small “plugs” of soil and grass in a pattern across your lawn and helps to remove thatch and soil compaction while also ensuring your roots grow nice and deep. Lawn aeration improves the effectiveness of your fertilization program as well as keeping obnoxious, potentially damaging, insect populations at bay. It also generates space for roots to absorb nutrients and water. The water and nutrients are then able to penetrate the root system, which allows your lawn to remain strong during harsh Chicago winters.

Over Seeding

In combination with lawn aeration, over seeding services are typically performed at the same time. This is so the seeds can easily penetrate the surface through the holes created by the aerations. Moisture is able to seep through throughout the winter thanks to the aeration and that helps the seeds germinate more quickly the following spring.
The outstanding fall lawn program that Green T offers is just the answer to keep your lawn in top condition as we transition to fall and prepare for winter.
Green T Lawn Care experts are here to help you make your lawn and yard the best it can be. We’re experts with more than 22,000 satisfied customers all over Illinois! Contact us today at (630) 231-0007 for a free estimate so we can schedule an appointment for your Round 6 lawn application.

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