Winter Lawn Care Tips for Chicago

Winter Lawn CareThere are a couple things to keep in mind as you await the end of the winter regarding the maintenance of your lawn that could be beneficial when it starts to grow again in the spring.  Make sure to take the following maintenance tips into consideration as the winter marches on and feel free to contact Green T Lawn Care to sign up for our lawn care services this coming spring.

Clear Debris

One maintenance tip that homeowners should follow regardless of the season or weather conditions is keeping the lawn completely clear of debris. There are many types of debris that can accumulate within a lawn such as natural debris like leaves and twigs as well as unnatural such as toys and equipment. This debris must be cleared regularly because if it snows on top of natural or unnatural debris, it could lead to turf damage. The natural debris will absorb the moisture from the snow which will make the lawn more vulnerable to fungus and disease, and the heavy unnatural items can leave depressions in the frozen lawn that are damaging to the turf. Make sure to clear any and all debris from your lawn, especially if there is snow in the forecast.

Avoid Foot Traffic

Homeowners should not only keep their lawns free of natural and unnatural debris during the winter, but also free of foot traffic. The frigid temperatures along with the snow and ice cause the grass blades to stiffen and lose the natural flexibility they have during the spring and summer. When they are walked on in this state, they bend or break which could cause permanent damage to some grass types. It is best to avoid foot traffic in the lawn altogether until the weather starts to warm up again in the spring.
Keep these tips in mind to help give your lawn the best chance at growing back to its full potential. Your lawn may be buried in snow but keeping it free of extra debris and foot traffic will help prevent damage to the turf. If you would like to have your lawn professionally serviced starting this spring, contact Green T Lawn Care to sign up for our lawn care program.

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