Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter tends to be a quiet time for the lawn, and lawn care tends to be pushed to the back burner. Here are some quick tips to help your lawn in the winter.

Avoid walking on the lawn.

Keep of the grass has a whole new meaning in the winter. Avoid walking on the lawn if it has frosted over, as this can damage the grass. When the grass is covered with frost, it loses its elasticity and blades will break, not bed like in the summer. This can lead to brown spots, because the grass is dormant in the winter, meaning new grass won’t develop until the spring.

Take note of any water puddles.

These are signs of compacted soil which should be aerated in the spring. Compacted soil doesn’t let the grass roots get the proper nutrients to grow. Aeration will help dethatch the compacted soil and all nutrients to get the root of the grass.

Learn more about aeration here.

Sweep up any fallen leaves.

Sweeping up any fallen leaves will help to avoid smothering the lawn. Leaving to  many leaves on the lawn can lead to snow mold. What is snow mold? Snow mold is a lawn disease that can infect all types of grasses that must endure a period of freezing temperatures and snow cover. However, snow mold can develop without any snow cover. If it is cool, rainy and overcast, then the disease can become active and affect the lawn.

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Avoid the spring rush and get your mower serviced if required.

Servicing your lawn mower in the winter helps prevent any future problems in the spring. Tasks you can do now, get an oil change, check the spark plug and change them if needed, and clean the lawn mowers undercarriage. Cleaning the undercarriage will help to ensure that it runs properly come spring time.