Winterizing Lawns in Chicago

The winter season is drawing closer and as the temperature starts to drop, homeowners will spend less time caring for their lawns.  However, before the winter season arrives it is important to prepare the lawn for the stresses caused by cold winds, frost, and snow.  Effectively winterizing your lawn will help it better handle these stressors as well as increase the chance that it will grow back healthy in the spring.  By performing the following actions late in the fall season, you can winterize your lawn before it goes dormant.
Fertilize: Proper fertilizer applications are very important in the fall and winterizing fertilizers should be used towards the end of the season.  Winterizing fertilizers, which are made for cool season grasses, contain high potassium levels that help absorb nutrients and strengthen the roots and grass blades to survive the cold weather.
Seeding: Lawns should be seeded one last time late in the fall, just before the ground freezes.  Areas of the lawn that are bare, patchy, or dormant should be seeded to stimulate new growth by the next growing season.
Watering: It is important to continue watering your lawn long into the fall to ensure that it is receiving enough moisture.  Lawns that are not watered enough in the fall will dry out before the winter hits.
Leaves: All leaves should be raked before the winter sets in because they can keep oxygen and sunlight from reaching the lawn’s surface.  If leaves are not removed, they can also increase the moisture level of the lawn which contributes to the development of turf diseases.
Mowing:  The last mow of the season should be done with the mower blade lowered to the lowest possible height.  This will result in shorter grass that stands up straight for more resistance from ice and snow damage.
By performing these actions at the end of the fall, you can adequately winterize your lawn to handle the frost, snow, and cold weather of the winter.  Green T Lawn Care can assist our customers with the winterization process and we offer winterizing fertilizer applications as well as fall over seeding services to help prepare your lawn.  Effective winterization will contribute to a thicker, healthier lawn in the spring.

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